October 29, 2015 by Mark Stapleton
In mid-October, The Economist presented an informative event in London for General Counsel (GCs), Chief Legal Officers, and other leaders of in-house corporate legal departments, entitled General Counsel 2015: Creating Value in a Disruptive World . Because the event was held under the Chatham House...Read more
October 16, 2015
Last month, Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions received two 2015 GRC 20/20 Innovation awards, one for User Experience Innovation , and one for Technical Innovation ! While this recognition is a testament to the hard work and pioneering approach of our teams across the business, it would not be possible...Read more
September 3, 2015
I am honored to announce that Christopher Dodd, former senator from Connecticut, will be the keynote speaker at our inaugural user conference, ELM15 , October 7-9, 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ. Sen. Dodd has dedicated his life to public service. After graduating from college, he spent two years as a...Read more
July 29, 2015 by Joscelyn Herzberg
Corporate compliance professionals are faced with an increasingly complex and ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations. Without well-defined processes and effective tools, staying on top of an organization’s regulatory obligations can be confusing, inefficient, and potentially unsustainable...Read more
July 23, 2015 by Emmanuel Bertrand
On 19 th June, I co-chaired a valuable day-long discussion event in Paris for General Counsel (GCs). The Consero General Counsel Executive Roundtable was an opportunity for European GCs to share their thoughts about the business of law in the modern European corporation. Targeted sessions addressed...Read more
July 13, 2015 by Joseph Vodvarka
Choosing an Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution can seem like a daunting task. A single solution handling such a broad swath of a company’s operations could understandably give one pause. But when an organization chooses a flexible ELM platform, with technology that facilitates the use of...Read more
June 26, 2015
Few things in the corporate realm have greater potential to damage a company’s good reputation than the poor handling of a negative event – whether that is a data breach, discovery of a product defect, a series of customer complaints, or allegations of legal and/or ethical misconduct. The threat...Read more
June 23, 2015
CLM Advisors recently released their 2015 CLM Litigation Management Study, which looks at the “state of the union” of the insurance litigation industry. It is a great resource for claims organizations, staff counsel, legal departments, law firms, and legal services vendors to gain insights about...Read more
June 17, 2015 by Greg Gosling
The pressure is on for corporate legal departments throughout the world to manage themselves more like businesses. This requires legal managers to control spend and operate more efficiently across all of the legal department’s activities. By implementing KPIs, legal department leaders can...Read more