September 11, 2014
I recently read a news item about a group of Wall Street firms considering migrating from a traditional, well-established messaging platform that uses proprietary technology to a new, open-source solution they can tailor to their specific needs. The report was striking to me because I’ve worked in...Read more
August 25, 2014
We recently collaborated on a project with our partners at the Sterling Analytics Group. As part of the project Sterling compiled some information on the cost savings that can be realized by companies when they begin using and truly enforcing a comprehensive set of billing guidelines. It’s...Read more
August 17, 2014
Corporate law departments around the world are wisely looking to data analytics to help ground their decision-making to verifiable, practical intelligence. Internal historical data is a great place to start, but it is also important to contextualize that information against reliable, up-to-date...Read more
August 10, 2014
Rejection is always difficult and I want to help you avoid it. Today’s post will not speak to your personal life, however. It will not include any words of wisdom to improve your relationships. I can’t give any advice in this area, but I certainly can triage an invoice! For those who struggle with...Read more
August 3, 2014 by Dave Moran
A new paradigm has emerged for Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms, which poses cultural, operational, and technological challenges for both organizations. With corporations demanding fiscal accountability from their in-house legal teams and outside counsel firms, procurement departments are...Read more
July 27, 2014
Over the weekend, I had a chance to catch up on my reading while lounging on my sunny patio. Of particular note was a relatively recent report released by Altman Weil, entitled Law Firms in Transition Survey . The sixth annual report is over 130 pages and discusses the changing nature of the US...Read more
July 20, 2014
It is often said “If it ain't broke, don’t fix it!” And sure, there are many things not worth changing because they are just fine as they are. But, in some areas, one cannot afford to wait passively for something to break before making an improvement. Physical health is one example. We eat our...Read more
July 8, 2014
Ask nearly any school-aged child or your typical US worker logging the standard Monday through Friday schedule, and most would agree that Mondays are tough and Fridays are, well, awesome! This collective belief is firmly established in our culture and part of our social norm. (If you’ve ever seen...Read more
July 7, 2014
Last week I attended my nephew’s high school graduation. The commencement, held in the performing arts auditorium of a large university campus, was packed. It was filled with excited graduates, proud family members and the younger students who were looking forward to moving up a grade next school...Read more