June 26, 2015
Few things in the corporate realm have greater potential to damage a company’s good reputation than the poor handling of a negative event – whether that is a data breach, discovery of a product defect, a series of customer complaints, or allegations of legal and/or ethical misconduct. The threat...Read more
June 23, 2015
CLM Advisors recently released their 2015 CLM Litigation Management Study, which looks at the “state of the union” of the insurance litigation industry. It is a great resource for claims organizations, staff counsel, legal departments, law firms, and legal services vendors to gain insights about...Read more
June 17, 2015 by Greg Gosling
The pressure is on for corporate legal departments throughout the world to manage themselves more like businesses. This requires legal managers to control spend and operate more efficiently across all of the legal department’s activities. By implementing KPIs, legal department leaders can...Read more
June 15, 2015
In late May, ELM Solutions partnered with the 5th annual International In-house Counsel Journal (IICJ) Nordic Roundtable Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This event brings together General Counsel and other senior leaders from the corporate legal departments of top Nordic-based companies for brief...Read more
June 5, 2015 by Michael Rasmussen
This is the second in a two-part series by Michael Rasmussen on how to take a strategic approach to effectively manage and mitigate third-party risk. To maintain the integrity of the organization and execute on strategy, the organization has to be able to see their individual third party...Read more
May 28, 2015 by Michael Rasmussen
This is the first in a two-part series by Michael Rasmussen on how to take a strategic approach to effectively manage and mitigate third-party risk. The Modern Organization: An Interconnected Mess of Relationships Traditional brick and mortar business is a thing of the past - physical buildings and...Read more
May 14, 2015
The legal profession lives and dies by dates. From discovery dates to trial dates, attorneys live and breathe by their calendars. Each new case has its own set of deadlines for attorneys to keep track of, and depending on the jurisdiction and type of case, an attorney assigned to a case can be...Read more
April 29, 2015
This is the last in a three-part series on the benefits of, and best practices surrounding, a matter-focused approach to legal department technology. As I discussed in my two previous posts about the importance of matter centricity, it is essential to implement a holistic Enterprise Legal...Read more
April 28, 2015
Not least among the many reporting requirements that broker-dealer firms face are those imposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA . For example, FINRA Rule 4530 requires broker-dealers to report on “any written customer complaint involving allegations of theft or...Read more