Business Benefits

Simplify how staff work.

  • Passport® provides legal, risk, and compliance staff with a single workspace to access all of the information and resources they need, which creates a streamlined user experience and reduces training requirements

  • Recognized for industry-leading usability, Passport’s simple, intuitive navigation and role-based user interface deliver an optimized, personalized experience for each user

  • Role-based user homepage delivers the most relevant information, tasks, reminders, and reports to each team member

  • Platform-level business process management (BPM) tools (e.g., rules and workflow engines) automate and streamline processes so that professionals spend less time on administrative tasks and instead concentrate on higher-value work

Gain visibility across all data to improve decision-making and mitigate risk.

  • Consolidation of systems onto a single platform and Passport’s open integration capabilities facilitate integrated reporting across all systems and departments that support legal, risk, compliance, and claims activities

  • Passport’s ability to deeply integrate with enterprise systems that are already in place enables clients to leverage existing technology investments, while also consolidating access to data and information through Passport

  • The Passport Data Warehouse works together with the platform to consolidate data and deliver business intelligence that maximizes visibility across the enterprise and enables more strategic management of matters, risk, compliance, and cost

  • Executive dashboards provide at a glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs)

Improve internal and external collaboration.

  • Passport seamlessly unites legal, risk, and compliance-related processes, data, and documents on a single platform, which enables teams across the organization to easily collaborate and share knowledge

Adapt systems as business needs change.

  • Passport Toolkits enable clients to manage many types of system customization and system maintenance projects in-house, which helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their solutions
  • Toolkits provide the ability to build custom applications or modules in-house that leverage the platform components, which enables clients to readily adapt Passport to support their unique and emerging business needs

Enable best practices across legal, GRC, and claims defense functions.

  • Platform-level BPM tools enable consistent enforcement of best practices and business processes across legal, risk, compliance, and claims staff
  • Best practices-based templates, business processes, workflows, and reports are built into all Passport applications

IT Benefits

Reduce system support costs and drive down the TCO of legal, GRC, and claims systems.

  • Sharing of core components across applications optimizes system interoperability, which reduces IT support needs

  • Passport Toolkits give IT the power to modify and maintain the system in-house

  • A single set of administration tools for all platform applications helps to improve administration and support efficiency
  • The option to have ELM Solutions host Passport in our highly secure, fully dedicated private cloud environment offers clients ease of implementation, worry-free maintenance, and an upfront and predictable TCO

Adapt Passport to meet new and unique business needs.

  • Shared platform components and Passport Toolkits enable IT to cost-effectively build custom applications or modules on the platform to meet specific or emerging business needs
  • The Passport web services API allows integration with third-party systems to support unique needs related to the integration of data and processes

Support the needs of a global and mobile workforce.

  • Passport Toolkits facilitate configuration changes in support of local business needs and requirements/regulations

  • Unique applications used by global business units can be consolidated onto the platform for ease of centralized administration and support

  • Platform-level mobility component ensures that mobile capabilities flow across all Passport applications and enables IT to build new, mobile-only screens for its organization’s unique, on-the-go data capture needs

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