The workflow and rules engines are core components of the Passport® platform. These components work together to automate and enforce business processes throughout all applications built on Passport and provide enterprise-scalable business process management (BPM) capabilities. The workflow and rules engines:

  • Have the ability to drive dynamic workflow processes, trigger notifications, and audit data for compliance with corporate standards and guidelines
  • Are highly-configurable and provide the flexibility to meet unique client needs:
    • Clients are able to apply workflows and rules to any type of Passport data, such as data related to matters, cases, people, organizations, invoices, policies, and incidents
    • Clients have the option to deploy workflows and rules system-wide, or to very precisely target their usage – for example, a client could use a specific workflow or specific rule only in a certain business unit, geography, or practice area
  • Are able to include both internal staff and external service providers in workflow steps, which ensures that all key stakeholders are included in a business process and that an audit trail of all activity in a process is captured